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Five tips for retailers to thrive in 2022 with Mike Monty, PayPal Canada

From Scott Galloway to Carl Boutet to Steve Dennis, savvy business leaders and retail industry thought leaders agree on one thing: the COVID era was the great acceleration of eCommerce. Best estimate: Canada stepped into a pandemic time tunnel and came out the other end five online years later.

This year, retailers, big and small, are starting off once again with some degree of uncertainty as a result of the evolving pandemic. One thing we do know is that Canadians are now comfortable and savvy online shoppers. In fact, a 2021 PayPal Canada study, titled “Trends & Spends” found Canadians across the country are spending about $2-billion more a month online.

Our guest on this episode of The Voice of Retail has a front seat to the past, present and future of eCommerce and payments: Mike Monty, PayPal Canada’s head of enterprise sales. And he joins host Michael LeBlanc in this exclusive interview to share the insights

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