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Modern store design thinking & the reality of the metaverse: an exclusive interview with Melissa Gonzalez, CEO, The Lionesque Group and Principal MG2

Recorded live high above the Las Vegas sand in Michael LeBlanc’s Shoptalk 2022 pop-up recording studio; on this episode, Michael sits down in person with fellow ReThink Retail top influencer and sought-after thought leader in the retail design and architecture space, Melissa Gonzalez.

With a deep background, rich in experience and varied across industries, Melissa has been helping retailers think through everything from pop-up retail to modern store design and integration of curb side and BOPIS for well over a decade.

In a wide-ranging interview, they talk about the modern retail store’s future, the metaverse’s actual reality, and lessons learned from the conference stage at the Shoptalk event that brought them together.

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