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CEO Excellence: An Exclusive Interview with author and McKinsey Practice Leader Carolyn Dewar

Being a CEO in the modern age is one of the most complex and challenging roles in business. Notwithstanding that, there has been no guidebook or framework that describes what excellence looks like in this all-important role.

In this episode, Michael LeBlanc’s guest is Carolyn Dewar, senior partner at McKinsey & Company and co-author of the compelling new book “CEO Excellence: The Six Mindsets That Distinguish The Best Leaders from the Rest.”

Originally from Canada, now living in San Francisco, Carolyn takes us through the essence of her CEO excellence practice and book, starting with the six critical responsibilities of a CEO to help us set the frame. Then, Carolyn and Michael dive into the six mindsets that set elite CEOs apart from the rest.

Whether you are a CEO today, aspiring to take on a leadership position, or a business excellence student, this podcast episode is for you!

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