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The Long View on Retail Transformation with CSC CEO Justin Yoshimura: Best of Conversations with CommerceNext podcast

We are delighted to share an entire episode from the second season of the Conversations with CommerceNext podcast featuring an interview with the founder and CEO of CSC Generation, Justin Yoshimura.

Justin and the team have mastered the art of transforming challenged retail brands on the verge of liquidation into high-performance, ‘digital-first’ operations.

By using their fine-tuned omnichannel technology platform, CSC Generation has a data-driven recipe for retail operations, which is undoubtedly the driving force behind its rapid expansion.

Listen in now as Michael LeBlanc and co-host Scott Silverman sit down with Justin, who pops open the hood and shares with us how his youth shaped his approach to business as well as the inner workings of CSC’s success. Together, they talk about the business of retail acquisition, entrepreneurial grit and how to prioritize company culture when scaling up your business.

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