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Canadian Tire’s Greg Shelly, VP Enterprise Digital Marketing & Michael Klein, Global Director, Industry Strategy & Marketing, Adobe Systems with a Masterclass on Modern Digital Marketing and the Consumer

On this special expanded format episode of the podcast, our host Michael LeBlanc is joined by two internationally recognized thought leaders in the digital marketing space to share their insights in a back-to-back set of interviews.

First, Greg Shelly, Vice President, Enterprise Digital Marketing at Canadian Tire Corporation, takes us inside the inner workings of one of the largest digital marketing teams in retail, with a masterclass in structuring teams for the modern era, attribution, digital performance across platforms and next level accountability.

Next, Michael Klein, Global Director, Industry Strategy & Marketing – Retail, Travel & Consumer Goods at Adobe Systems, takes us through a 10,000-foot level view of the state of digital marketing. He walks us through systems and processes and delivers insights from the depth of reach that Adobe brings to consumers changing shopping patterns.

It’s a powerhouse episode, a little longer than usual but more than well worth the listen. And a note for the listeners and subscribers, as the summer is finally here, this is the final Monday episode of The Voice of Retail podcast for the summer – same great content, now moving to weekly with Friday episodes for the balance of the summer.

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