Retail marketer Patrick Dickinson | Jerry Kennelly CEO of Tweak - Retail Council of Canada
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Retail marketer Patrick Dickinson | Jerry Kennelly CEO of Tweak

Recorded live on the main stage at the Carlu in Toronto during RCC’s annual Retail Flyer forum, my one to one interview with the one and only Patrick Dickinson, retail consultant and veteran retail marketer most recently with Hudson’s Bay. We talk about how and why the retail flyer, in both paper and digital, is such a resilient media and significant element of the First we set the stage with an exclusive interview recorded live from Dublin with Jerry Kennelly, Founder & CEO of Tweak. I met Jerry recently on my most excellent retail tech tour in Ireland along with a number of other innovative solution providers, and was really impressed with the approach to solving a familiar set of challenges and opportunities in the printed media and well mix in Canada, and delve into what retailers need to be thinking about each week to make it an effective and measurable tool and drive ROI.

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