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Peavey Mart’s VP of Marketing on COVID, community, and storytelling

Jest Sidloski grew up within the Peavey Mart brand, from the storefront to the executive level. Now, as the Vice President of Marketing, Customer Experience & eCommerce, he tells the company’s compelling origin story and offers insider insights on how this western Canadian legacy is charging into the future.

On this episode of The Voice of Retail, Jest and podcast host, Michael LeBlanc, talk about the role that Peavey Mart plays as a community staple to farmers, urban and rural, across the country.

We break down the challenges and opportunities that the pandemic has brought to Peavey Mart and dive into the company’s marketing strategy in the face of the great acceleration. Jest talks about the brand’s devotion to fostering community across customers and stores – and how that translates into meaningful storytelling.

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