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Moose Knuckles Canada CEOs Noah Stern and Ayal Twik and Snapchat GM Matt McGowan

In this episode Michael is in Montreal to meet the co-founders and CEOs of international phenom Moose Knuckles Canada, Noah Stern and Ayal Twik. Michael talks with both CEOs as they share their vision around their fashion forward brand of outerwear that is polar opposite of the rest of the luxury brands and we hear their take on being successful in retail as they continue to expand around the world with two existing flagship stores, more on the way here in Canada and internationally, and plans for over a dozen pop-up stores happening to maintain the incredible momentum of the brand. Next SnapChat Canadian Director and GM, Matt McGowan, brings us up to speed on this powerful and popular platform for retailers with 238 Million users daily world wide and 9 Million Canadians talking advantage of this fun, safe and engaging platform.

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