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WW’s digital transformation: Strategy, leadership + loyalty: Best of conversations with CommerceNext podcast

For this episode, we are thrilled to be sharing a full episode from Michael LeBlanc’s all new Conversations with CommerceNext podcast featuring Jon Mandell, Senior Vice President of Global Membership Marketing and Commerce with WW.

WW started their digital transformation long before the pandemic demanded brands to keep up with the great acceleration of eCommerce, and on this episode along with Michael’s co-host Scott Silverman, they get an inside look at the process and people behind WW’s great leap forward and how the groundwork laid in the past is preparing them for future success.

Jon walks them through the overall process and strategy behind the transition, and how the pandemic changed the game. They ask Jon about his career, what he looks for when building a resilient team, and advice that he would give his past self.

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