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Raj Grover, CEO High Tide and Drummond Munro Chief Brand Officer at Superette

This episode is intended for adults 21+. On this episode we’re off to Calgary to catch up with Raj Grover, Founder & CEO of High Tide right after the announcement of the merger with Meta creating the largest cannabis retailer in Canada at 63 store. We talk about what it takes to run a cannabis retail network in the COVID era and still hit your gross margin and operating cost targets, the benefits of size and scale and what comes next as Raj and his team work to make sure the 1 plus 1 equals three retail math happens post merger. Next, we’re back in Toronto to meet Drummond Munro, Chief Brand Officer, Superette talking about the vision and operations behind their newest flagship retail cannabis store. A retail operations and brand veteran, Drummond talks about the lessons learned from the original flagship in Ottawa, the benefit of a slower than faster expansion plan, and what comes next for this innovative and much talked about retailer.

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