Développement durable

Global retail, brand and organizational visionary Oliver Brunschwiler Introduces us to Zurich based Freitag

From a professional snowboarder to a CEO that eliminated his role by distributing his responsibilities into a leadership collective; get ready for a fascinating interview from Zurich with Oliver Brunschwiler.

Freitag is a super innovative and agile retailer that takes truck tarps and fashions them into unique handbags and accessories. Oliver takes us through his origin story, which is also the origin story of Freitag. How they approach product development, and the customer-created design is a masterclass in modern retail. The organizational structure, a holacracy, is a lesson in running a next-generation global retailer.

Oliver then takes us through his perspective on global expansion, retail in the somewhat post-covid era, European war, the inflationary period we’re in, and how the DNA of agility that’s built-in to their management model will create outsized success for Freitag.

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