Eleanor Lynch, SVP Kiaro | Adam Coates CCO Westleaf - Retail Council of Canada
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Eleanor Lynch, SVP Kiaro | Adam Coates CCO Westleaf

First up is Eleanor Lynch, Senior Vice President of Retail Operations at Kiaro. We reflect together on the year that was, and learn about Kiaro’s interesting approach to in store and brand design. Next Adam Coates, Chief Commercial Officer Westleaf Inc. takes us through their unique retail concept Prairie Records, how they approached developing the brand and how 2.0 and the new edibles regime will allow retailers to introduce product that will bring in the “canna-curious customers who are looking for alternatives to what is available at retail today. Finally RCC’s Avery Bruenjes Policy Analyst, Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs weighs in with her perspective around the government regulatory framework informed by years of dealing with multiple files and issues.

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