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Driving Change at the Forefront of Urban Last Mile

URB-E is a compact container delivery network that is transforming the last-mile delivery process. From the mind of a former Porsche and Fisker engineer, these electric vehicles and collapsible containers are economizing retail delivery operations from carbon footprints to traffic footprints. And now, since partnering PenguinPickUp, they’re introducing a customer-oriented, entirely new modality for delivery here in Canada as well as the U.S.

On this episode of The Voice of Retail podcast, Michael LeBlanc sits down with Charles Jolley, the CEO of URB-E, to talk about how the company is reimagining package delivery. URB-E was ready for the e-commerce boom long before the pandemic sent consumers online. Charles sheds light on how the company has kept up with rapid growth, and what they’ve learned from offering solutions for delivery in high-density environments.

In eighteen months of COVID-era supply chain and delivery service complications, the promise of URB-E’s design is a refreshing look at the innovative adaptations that lie ahead.