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Tal Zvi Nathanel, CEO of Showfields and Dan Pink, New York Times best selling author

On this episode Tal Zvi Nathanel, CEO of Showfields in New York City returns to the podcast to catch us up on how the thinking that created “the most interesting store in the world” and certainly the retail concept that had attendees and pundits at January’s NRF Big Show buzzing has adapted to the COVID-19 crisis. We talk about the key foundational principles that helped them navigate the early weeks of the crisis, their pivot onto online, and now with their store re-opened in New York and pending in Miami, what his retail concept focussed on experiential retail looks and acts like in the COVID era. Next from Washington D.C. Dan Pink, New York Times best selling author of six provocative books about business and human behavior is a special guest. Dan and Michael catch up after meeting over ten years ago and talk about the trends and threads of narrative that he was thinking in “the time before”, and now how the COVID crisis has changed retail, business, society and how we work potentially forever.

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