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Your cybersecurity is more under threat than you might think

Cyberattacks on businesses are more commonplace than we might think, and the pandemic appears to have made it worse. As offices transitioned to work-from-home systems and many retailers either started or expanded their eCommerce practices, the Chief Information Security Officer for National Retail at Fortinet says that protecting your cybersecurity perimeter has never been so important (and complex).

In this episode of The Voice of Retail our host Michael LeBlanc sits down with Courtney Radke, Fortinet’s National Retail CISO, to talk about how retailers can better protect themselves – and their customers – in a rapidly changing digital landscape. Courtney sheds light on the reality of identifying and reporting breaches in cybersecurity, they talk about the business of being a cybercriminal and Michael gets to the bottom of how retailers can sustainably invest in their cyber safety.

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