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Taking Chicken to the Next Level: Richard Scofield, President, St. Hubert Chicken: Best of The Food Professor Podcast

In this special episode, Michael is joined by guest host Dr. Sylvain Charlebois for a special interview.

Don’t miss this interview with Richard Scofield, Président et Chef de la direction at Groupe St-Hubert. They start by asking Richard to assess the health of the brand today versus his ambition for the business – is he at where he wants to be as a team and leadership and in the minds of consumers.

Next, Lots of chicken is found in restaurants, but St-Hubert stands above the rest. If we think of serving a good chicken as table stakes from a strategy point of view in a chicken restaurant, what differentiators does the business have /does he pursue that contribute to their success. Then they talk risks to the company, franchisee governance, and products coming to a grocery shelf near you!

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