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Strong roots: Fostering a foundation of resilience

Roots’ Chief Financial Officer, Mona Kennedy, is coming out of the pandemic with a renewed gratitude for the company’s built-in resilience. From the front lines to the head office, Roots’ company culture champions agility and values their people as their greatest asset. Our host Michael LeBlanc sits down with Mona in this episode of The Voice of Retail podcast to talk in-depth about how this and other strategies have propelled Roots through the past eighteen months.

Having assumed her position at Roots only a month before the pandemic hit North America, Mona has faced her baptism-by-fire with ingenuity, preparation, and determination in uncertain times. Calling on both her personal experience with teamwork and professional experience at other iconic Canadian brands, Mona offers insight on her approach to retail in the pandemic and Roots beyond lockdowns.

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