Arlene Dickinson and Jana Sobey | Food Professor Sylvain Charlebois - Retail Council of Canada
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Arlene Dickinson and Jana Sobey | Food Professor Sylvain Charlebois

First of all recorded live at the launch of District Venture Kitchens in Toronto I check in with Arlene Dickinson , CEO of District Ventures as she adopts and supports this innovative professional kitchen /production space for food entrepreneurs. While there I meet Jana Sobey, VVP Merchandising, Community Format, Thrifty Foods & Field for Sobeys and we talk about the importance of supporting innovation on the shelves. My last three interviews are recorded live at RCC’s DTLQ conference in Montreal. First up Professor Sylvain Charlebois returns to the podcast to talk food trends, vegetarians, the upcoming release of his authoritative Canada’s Food Price Report, and the state of the edible cannabis nation. Then I meet Lika Niasse, Owner of African Soul Food specialty grocery in Gatineau Quebec, and lastly but certainly not least RCC’s Jason McLinton Vice-President, Grocery Division and Regulatory Affairs talk food policy and retail.

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